This is my last elementary Valentine’s Day party. The last time we make Valentine’s Day treats for school, bags/boxes decorated to collect the goodies at the party and the last time handing out Valentine’s Day cards. It’s bitter sweet.  I’ll have one in middle school and one in high school next year. The days of class parties as I have known them are over.

A new chapter of parenting will begin. Before I turn that page, I’m trying to make the most of this last year of elementary school with my daughter. Which is why, I wanted to do something different for Valentine’s Day this year.  I could not come up with any ideas until my daughter mentioned needing lip balm because her lips were so chapped.  Living in a cold weather climate, this isn’t unusual.  I figured that if she was having issues with dry, cracked lips, other kids probably were too.

This is when decided to share my stash of Now Foods Completely Kissable™ Vanilla and Peppermint Lip Balms. When I discovered what a lifesaver they were after getting Invisalign, I stocked up.  Of course, I didn’t need all of them so I went to Pinterest (of course) and started looking for ideas for using them for Valentine’s Day gifts.

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My daughter and I chose to use the free downloadable template from Totally Inspired. They were cute, colorful and she gave great instructions for inserting the lip balm. We had them printed and cut at a local print shop. I decided it wasn’t economical for me to use my home printer because of the color ink and I’d have to go buy card stock. In all, the cost for the printing, paper and cutting was under $14.00. We tried following the directions but found that taping the lip balm was easier.  We could have even used glue dots. So yeah, we cheated but we aren’t patient crafty people.

I think they turned out adorable and now my daughter says everyone will have something to make their cracked lips feel better. I love how this card isn’t candy and it’s practical. It’s something every child can use. Moreover, they are fabulous lip balms that are organic, paraben free and truly moisturize your lips.

Lip Balm Valentine's Day Cards

What I love about this little card/gift is that I can do something similar for Christmas cards for teachers or teacher appreciation. Everyone can use a good lip balm and once you use the Now Foods Completely Kissable™ Lip Balms, you won’t use anything else.

Other cute ideas for using Now Foods Completely Kissable™ Lip Balms:

Teacher Appreciation Lip Balm Template

You’re the balm, Valentine’s Printable

DIY Lip Balm Key Chain Holder

Disclaimer: I am a NOW Foods Ambassador. I am compensated for my time but only endorse what I personally use and love.