Another, trip in my challenge to live more eco-friendly and non-toxic; a frustrating one too! The Soda Stream, a product my family and I have really enjoyed for the past few months – it appears that though it is good at reducing waste and does save my family money…the bottles aren’t as non-toxic as I thought. While on my travels to Blissdom I got notification that Alicia from The Soft Landing did a post on Soda Stream and minutes later I picked up the phone and called her (she loves it when I do this). Alicia made me feel much better seeing that she still says there are many pros to using the Soda Stream (thank goodness because we do love ours), however, I still felt…

a) Frustrated.
b) Annoyed.
c) Disappointed.

No need to repeat all of Alicia’s hard work and research, read it for yourself and you’ll understand why I felt the above three feelings. Thanks Alicia for doing some research and figuring this out. I’ll have to switch to the glass because I still really love my Soda Stream.

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