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The busier my life becomes the more I am appreciating small, short, to the point books. Books with a big message but few pages. Live Generously, 50 Small Acts That Make A Big Difference, happens to be one of those books that we all should have on our night stand and frequently flip through for reminders on how little things add up. Where have I heard that idea before, oh…yeah…this blog! Just doing something makes a big difference. That’s what Green and Clean Mom is all about, doing a little something ever day.

Live Generously Project began in 2004 with some friends talking about how to make a difference and the conversation, hopes, wishes, desires and inspirations became a movement and a very popular blog and community forum. A project was born and it was called, “A Year of Living Generously.” No guilt but generosity and good will to help other lives more consciously.  All too often we hear this word, “green” and think it means just the environment but it is so much more then that. The book, Live Generously and the project it is based upon has me thinking very deeply about the word “green” and my own business and website.  You see, to go green isn’t just to do good things for the environment but to be conscious of what we are doing and to be world citizens and think of our healthy and well being. It is all very interconnected. I started with the realization of toxic cleaning products and my “home” environment and health concerns. The actual environment outside my door, people and animals are also impacted by my choices. Looking for a new vehicle I am also considering again, the indoor toxins of the vehicle, not just the impact on the outside environment and burning of fossil fuel. There are lots of components to going green but it really does have to do with living generously and being aware. I felt a true connection to this book and cause because I feel my website is similar in nature and very much the motto of this site.

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Living generously isn’t about competition. It isn’t about who is doing the most or who isn’t. I love this. It is also powerful and this one act alone has created over 9,000 different generous actions and counting. Geez, I should see who I’ve influenced and start counting! Nah, the idea really is the power of inspiration and motivation and leading by example and making people feel comfortable. I’ve said over and over in interviews that it’s about helping someone start where they are comfortable and going from there. Help someone find “their” starting point. For me, it was the toxins in my home but for someone else it could be the car they drive of the plastic bags or water bottles.

Live Generously, 50 Small Acts That Make A Big Difference, has some great starting points. From planting bulbs, to using craigslist, donating to a non-profit in your will, becoming a blood donor, to getting to know our local political leaders. A small book with big ideas that add up to making a big difference when we all do something. A fabulous holiday gift or wedding gift! I’ve been reading a new small act every night before bed and it reminds me, I can do something. Sometimes it feels like I can’t but really I can and so can you.

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