When I love a product and company – I don’t shut up. I keep telling you about them and telling you their specials, where to buy them and supporting the company however I can because I want you to experience what I experience – it’s a love thing.  I’ve struck up this relationship with a Michigan based company bringing New Zealand chemical free products to stores Meijer stores in the Midwest and online for all of us to clean without harsh toxic chemicals. Two things have my heart throbbing for ecostore USA – 1) they are in Michigan and our economy needs all the support it can get and I’m a Michigan girl 2) they make safe no nasty™ products for consumers. Thump. Thump.

Meijer Video Blogging, Tweeting and a Coupon

If you live near a Meijer Store this Saturday stop by from 11:30-5, use this coupon and if you’re lucky you could enter 1 of the 50 “elite” Meijer stores that will have samplers on hand spreading the ecostore USA love!!! There will even be Leighann from the Full Mommy at her local Prospect in Champaign doing some live tweeting and video blogging as will Maggie of Dexter’s Super Savvy Mommy covering the Traverse City, Michigan store. Expect to see a flutter of tweets that day talking about the buzz at the Meijer stores because these rockin’ mamas will also be live tweeting while talking to customers about the products. How media savvy is this company? Loving it!

Twitter Giveaway for All @ecostoreusa Tweeps

It’s not just enough that they’re doing live video blogging and tweeting this weekend but they’re having a twitter giveaway. Woot! Woot! Just give a tweet out to @ecostoreusa and make sure you’re following them and you’re entered to win any two of their chemical free all natural baby care products. How easy is that! For an extra entry become a fan of their Facebook page. For all the details visit the ecostore USA blog.

Other Bloggers ecostoreu USA Too

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