I am 25 pounds overweight. Too many burgers at the computer, too few walks and not enough rest.  I know exactly how I got to this point. My BMI is not in a healthy range and that bothers me. It bugs me that I’m not in the size pants that make me feel good about myself but instead stay stacked on my son’s closest shelf (he has a bigger closet than I do). I turned 34 and realized…

I cannot rewind life.

Today I am publicly putting it out there that I need to “cinch” my waist and be healthier and happier about how I look and feel. No more wishing, just doing.  No more excuses just success. I cannot even get into my favorite pair of jeans! Just watch this humiliating video and you’ll see how they won’t button but they will soon enough!

On September 22, 2011 I had to wear a heart monitor because my heart was acting strangely. My blood pressure was high and my blood test came for my liver was slightly higher than it should be, most likely from being overweight.

This scared me.

I started Cinch that very day and I weighed myself, took my measurements and in just a few short days (even being sick) I’ve noticed a difference.  I am down 1.4 pounds, a half an inch off my arms, 3 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips and a half an inch off my bust. I’m so impressed and motivated I have to share my story with you.

For the next 12 weeks, each Monday I will chart with you my success. I will reveal a photo or video of how I am looking. I will tell you what I’ve done for physical activity and if I’ve lost or gained weight and inches. I am using the Shaklee Cinch products to help me lose the weight and reduce my calorie intake, stay full, retain my muscle (the small ones I have) and save money!

What you should know about Cinch:

  • Tested to have a low glycemic index for a steadier rate of digestion and better weight control
  • Powered by Leucine (an amino acid) that helps you retain muscle
  • It’s natural and made by the number one nutritional company in the United States
  • It tastes good and I don’t like shakes but with some fruit I am full after only half of the shake! The bars are my favorite!

I’m telling you this not to sell Cinch to you but to fully disclose what I am doing to lose the pounds an inches. Cinch is one piece of what I am doing the rest is about exercise, supplements and eating healthy but not depriving myself. If I want a cookie I need to have that cookie but just one not a dozen! Moderation, self control and in my case right now public humiliation!


Size 14 Long or XL

I have 27.6 pounds to lose before successfully being at a healthy BMI of 23.4

My Goal:

Size 10 Long or Medium

Healthy BMI of 23.4

Full Disclosure:  I am a Shaklee Distributor and full-time consultant for the Shaklee Corporation. I was not paid to write this or review the products publicly in anyway shape or form.  This is my own idea and my opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the Shaklee Corporation.

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