Green & Clean Mom’s new theme is beautiful and Claire from Sharp Wit Designs did an amazing job. Seriously, she’s down to earth and has a great sense of understanding what her client wants. Many designers claim to have this but she walks the walk.  Sharp Wit Designs has worked endless hours to help me learn WordPress, take me to the next level of blogging, explain S.E.O. and plugins and best of all really talk me through what I invisioned for my site. It was so refreshing to speak with her on the phone and not just talk via I.M. or email.  Plus, she continues to offer me advice and assistance.

There’s a wonderful chance, with your help, that Claire can be recognized for her kick butt W.P. design and the two of us can split a sweet prize! So vote, now! Of course, my half will go straight back into my site but that’s cool with me.  I haven’t even told Claire at Sharp Wit about this but I know she subscribes, so suprise! 

Vote for us today!!! Not only because you love my blog but because Sharp Wit Designs should be recognized for some great work. She already recieved one nomination at Beautiful Blogging!

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