There are few things that I love now that fall is here like pumpkin muffins, syrup and everything pumpkin but my list extends far beyond just pumpkin puree and this includes…

celebrating halloweenHats – I love to wear hats and have a large collection of them and even keep a few in my car because I never know when I’ll be inspired to throw one on.

My crock pot- I am always in the mood for inventing or trying out a new crock pot meal. There’s something about putting it all together in the morning and after a long hard day of work the meal is complete. Besides, evenings are busy so this saves me from ordering take out and keeps me sane!

Camping – My family loves to camp but for me I love fall camping the best because I can cozy up next to the fire. Plus there aren’t that many pesky bugs when the weather is cool! I wish we could have done more camping this fall but it is on my to-do list next year.

Scarves- I’m always in the mood for scarf and this time of year lends itself to scarves that will dress up just about any t-shirt.ebay hoodies

Hoodies – I’m a fanatic for my hoodies. They’re comfortable and they come in all styles and colors too. When we travel I always buy a hoodie from the city/state we go, it makes a great collectable.

Speaking of collections, my eBay collections are something you MUST check out. I’ve raved about eBay before and besides loving what I can buy I love what I can sell too. I’ve created collections that have to do with each and every one of my fall favorites because after all, collections are about what you like and I’m always keeping my eye on new hats, scarves, a bright red crock pot (or two), the next gadget for camping, a warm hoodie to wear and scarf to complete my autumn attire.

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What do you love about fall? Try creating an eBay collection for yourself (Don’t blame me if you spend a few dollars!!) and make sure you get inspired and share your inspiration with me by following me on eBay.

Disclaimer:  I am part of the eBay influencer network and I am compensated for my time. My opinions are my own and I’ve been shopping and selling on eBay for years and love it, which is why I’m sharing with you my personal experiences, thoughts and opinions.

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