For my business and online life I have a lot of stuff  I balance and most of this work is with people in different states and time zones. Sharing documents, having meetings, managing projects, working on a task or planning meetings there are a lot of online tools that make life easier.  Below are some of my favorite that are either low cost or free but remember  you usually get what you pay for!

Meetings, Projects and Presentation Tools Online 

DimDim provides a free web conferencing tools for up to 20 participants. Paid versions support up to 50 participants or more at a cost starting at $228 annually. I have had a few glitches with this program in both the free and paid version but overall it works well for the cost. provides free public or password-protected file sharing, can also be used as a presentation tool. I especially like this service for large files! is for creating simple online checklists for project management for one or more users. When it comes to big projects and staying on task I have found this tool helpful.

Desktop and Laptop Basics

If you do not already have current anti-virus software, install Microsoft Security Essentials this may be installed on all up-to-date Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 systems.

The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack enables Office XP and 2003 users to work with files in Office 2007 formats (e.g., “.docx”). Free download at and it was quick easy and took only a few minutes!

Mozy Pro and JungleDisk provide affordable, off-site, automated backup over the Internet. I use Mozy Pro and for a low cost my computers are backed up each morning! No more worries.

Managing More than One Machine

Log Me In provides remote access and desktop control for computer systems. helps to synchronize bookmarks among multiple browswers. enables simple file synchronization and sharing among multiple computers.

Organization Tools Online

Meeting Wizard simplifies scheduling meetings with people from different organizations. enables online scheduling of a shared resource, such as a conference room. makes your private calendars public to simply scheduling meetings. is an online file sharing resource. A great way to share PowerPoints and presentations with the public or large groups and they have recently expanded to support additional formats. supports multi-user video-conferencing for free. It integrates and supports other applications such as SlideShare.

What online tools do you use?

Why not? Great tips for free!

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