Before I got a new car (post on that later) I wasn’t very good at cleaning the inside or the outside. It seemed like the crackers, toys and “stuff” just seemed to pile up along with the dust. Washing the outside of my car was something that I liked to let God take care of when he decided it should rain. It reminds me of a screen play, book or something I heard of when I was coaching the scholastic sport of  Forensics. Anyhow, after driving a car for five years I gave up on taking care of the outside and inside – which I do not recommend.

When my good friends from Zing PR contacted me and asked me to give Lucky Earth the “waterless” car wash a try…I was skeptical but agreed. The basis behind Lucky Earth is they are using eco-friendly ingredients that are biodegradable to help someone clean the inside and outside of their car or bike without the chemicals being inhaled or washed away into our waterways. The company has an ongoing commitment to the environment where the donate 1% of their net profits to the environmental charity, Heal the Bay. Pretty cool!

The CEO of Lucky Earth is a woman who never gave up on her product or idea. Lisa Peri now has Lucky Earth productsbios_lisa in 130 retail stores, including Whole Foods. She’s a mom who was worried about her daughter suffering from the environmental toxins and decided to leave her day job as a social worker and decided to create a new product that she could safely use around her daughter and help the environment. Saving water is huge benefit to using the Lucky Earth products when you wash your car or bike.

-Did you know, per car wash 140 gallons of water goes to waste? Glad I don’t wash my car very often!

-Washing your car at home can waste 80-140 Gallons of water. According to the International Car Wash Association

-A waterless car wash can help consumers save 115 gallons per wash.

-The average total home water use for each person in the U.S. is about 50 gallons per day.

So how does this Lucky Earth waterless car wash really work? Actually, it does work but if you go off roading you might need something else. The esteemed award, ” best green car wash” by the LA Times sounds great but for this mom who thinks her car can get pretty dirty I wanted to do some testing of my own.

I found that I might need some elbow grease but with my sham and a few sprays all over the car I could get my new vehicle sparkling clean. The organic coconut helps lift away the dirt and it is safe for the interior, exterior and windows. I recommend a separate cloth for the windows to prevent any streaking but it worked very well and I did not need to use one drop of water!

I have to say, I’m impressed and for the car lover the entire starter kit is only $29.95! Talk about a great green gift for dad!

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