When I was introduced to Lunapads I was hesitant and figured that most people would really think I went overboard with this “going green thing”! Actually the first few people I mentioned Lunapads to looked at me once again like I had a third eye. I remember this look. I used to get it all the time when I talked about non-toxic cleaners and BPA – so it’s not something that scares me but rather inspires me. I know that they’re looking at me like I’m crazy because it’s something they’re unfamiliar with, something they can’t understand yet and it’s probably something that will soon be more normal than we think (two years ago green cleaners weren’t so common but now that’s a different story).

lunapads1The owners of Lunapads have a very inspirational mission because they understand that a women’s menstrual flow is a normal part of life but that it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and harmful to the environment. Back in 1993 Madeline Shaw, a fashion designer started making her very own Lunapanties for her own use and not until 1999 did she meet her business partner, Suzanne Siemens that such an amazing product concept came to life for all of us to have.

There are lots of reasons why it would be worth giving Lunapads a chance and after using them for a few days I can say, they are comfortable in comparison to the very inflexible traditional products that are noisy and terribly annoying! No, they aren’t a tampon and if you’re not used to using pads they might not be for you but the Diva Cup diva-cupcould be and it’s not as gross as you think so calm down! Lunapads are very unique in that they have different sizes for different size women and women who wear different types of panties. We are all unique and don’t have to be uncomfortable during our monthly visit from Aunt Flow and I love this!

Here’s why I think you should give Lunapads a chance and ignore people when they look at you like you have a third eye (you’ll be comfortable and they won’t):

They are reusable and this means you don’t have to add this gross waste to the landfill and spend a ton of money every month. They fit nicely to your underwear and with a moon pad bag you simple fold they neatly put it into your moon bag after use and rinse and wash later. Just soak them or rinse them, wash in hot water with your regular detergent and you’re all set.

It isn’t hard but yes it is a little more work – so is walking to work, using a reusable coffee mug, growing organic food and the list goes on. It depends on what you want to sacrifice and how comfortable and earth friendly you want to be.

They’re stylish. I know who feels sexy and stylish during that time of month? I hear ya but it’s a week or more of your life every month so feel a little better about yourself. The patterns are super cute and at least I know I’m wearing something pretty that day. Remember, as much as we hate the monthly visit the point of it is beautiful.

Lunapads and the Diva Cup can make a huge ecological impact! Did you know that  “6.5 billion tampons and 13.5 billion sanitary pads, plus their packaging, end up in our landfills and sewers” not to mention that “170,000 tampon applicator were collected along the U.S. coastal areas between 1998 and 1999”?

Risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome reduced. When women use tampons they are generally using a tampon that has no FDA manufacturing requirements and therefore the tampons that women use to absorb their monthly flow can be heavily processed with bleach, additives and synthetic materials. All closest to some very sensitive parts and internal at that! There’s a lot of debate going on but I think it’s worth taking notice and exploring an alternative.

“Unfortunately, many manufacturers use a chlorine-bleaching process with chlorine dioxide, elemental chlorine-free (which isn’t free of chlorine as the name might suggest, but really means that it’s not a chlorine gas process) or hypochlorite bleaches. These processes create toxic byproducts–most notably, dioxins. Dioxins are carcinogenic, toxic to the immune and reproductive systems, and have been implicated in endometriosis and hormone disruption in cases of repeated use.”

lovelunapadsIt comes down to personal choice but Green and Clean Mom is here to share ideas, information and alternatives. Hopefully enough to make you think, do more research and then see what is comfortable for you. If you’d like to give Lunapads chance try winning a sampler pack. Just head to their website and email me at admin (at) greenandcleanmom (dot) org the answer to this question:

What is the name of Lunapads’ pad donation campaign for girls in developing countries?

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