What is more important than our kids health and well being? To me, nothing. There are things in this world we can’t control but there are things we can. How can we as parents and a society expect our kids to make the right decisions if we haven’t taught them.

A strong dedicated community in Berkley took a stand against the ill food choices at their local school and empowered their children to make healthy choices. They show the children how to grow, cook and understand nutrition. Their school lunches are all made from scratch that morning out of organic food. Due to the dedication of some of the people in the community there is now a documentary project that explores the community based school lunch reform movement called The Lunch Love Community Documentary Project. The documentary shows how dedicated people can change the way their children eat, think, and learn.

The project makes others aware of the options available to their children, they don’t have to fight the battle alone. You can share your videos, join in their community, watch the inspiring videos of others and help make a difference.

I’m not a perfect person or mom. I admit, I give my kid processed food at times and who knows what she eats when she’s not in my care and grandma or papa has the reigns. I don’t think you have to be perfect and eat perfect all the time in order to make a difference in your child and other children’s life. Trying your best to eat the right foods and making sure that your kids no the benefits and pitfalls to what they are eating is the key. We need to be aware and empower our children to make good choices.

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