lunchbots stainless steelI have found great pleasure in trying to find safe, BPA non-toxic products for my children to use. It feels as though I am doing something good for them and the environment and that makes me pretty happy. One thing I have tried very hard to do is limit toxic exposure in my children’s lives without moving them into a BPA, PVC bubble – which some days I do consider! Packing my sons lunch has been one thing I have tried to be “greener” with and have less waste and safer products with no plastic baggies or plastic containers. Having a waste free lunch is something I have started to pride myself on and even my son is enjoying.

LunchBots happens to be our new favorite sandwich and cracker container for school lunches because they are stainless steel through and through. Meaning zero plastic, including the lid and I love, love, love this. At first I suspected the lid to be difficult to remove but it’s super easy even after many washes. We use plastic at our house but it has to be BPA free and really try hard to choose stainless steel or glass and get back to products where I’m not even worrying about the PVC or plastic issue.

LunchBots has gone through extensive lab testing to assure that it is LEAD FREE, VOC FREE and safe for our kids. They also offer fund raising and this is awesome for schools or organizations that want to go avoid the unhealthy junk food fund raising that takes place.

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