I know everyone women is selective when it comes to their hair products but it can take years and lots of cash before you find that favorite product. I am no different from the rest of those women out there. I have tried several different brands at several different costs. I have also tried several different products that were considered all natural. I finally found that perfect shampoo and conditioner that I can’t live without. I was at the BlogHer convention with my wonderful sister when I stumbled upon the cutest little store called LUSH. The products are “reportedly” handmade from fresh fruit and vegetables as well as the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.

I was skeptical to purchase anything due to my other failed attempts and the cost of the product but I am glad I did. The cost is off set because a dime size of the product produces results. The shampoo and conditioner lasted me months. Not only did I love it but when we ran out my husband was begging me to buy more. I purchased their BIG shampoo and their VEGAN conditioner. The shampoo made my hair shiny, clean, fuller, and dandruff free. The shampoo got rid of all the grime and oil build up from my other hair products and the conditioner replenished my hair with the good oils. The products I purchased are packaged in what looks like a mini ice cream container, its sooo cute. My daughter likes to play with the empty containers and they are good for storing small items. I just placed another order and it took several weeks to receive; I suggest you order a few weeks before you run out of the product. Happy Washing!

Photo Credit: Lush North America

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