Yesterday, I got this notification from A Cowboy’s Wife about why Lori does not like giveaways and what she likes instead. It was the timeliest post because Friday night I met with my beloved client, ecoStore USA, and tried to explain this very thing to her. As a blogger it is very time consuming to do giveaways but once in a blue moon or when it is fitting to a campaign or theme I’m covering, I make it work. I used to do them all of the time but like Lori mentioned, the readers are not sticky. They enter and then leave. My traffic increases for a few days, there are lots of entries and the company that wanted the giveaway seems happy (it is like lust over love – no longevity, it just feels good for a short time).

I’ve worked on a few creative campaigns for companies and as I type I sit waiting to finally leave the airport and fly to Montreal to meet the White Cloud Moms, the White Cloud executives and the Rockfish Interactive team. My third trip with the company and the benefit of us building a relationship with the brand and the other bloggers, were now considered part of the team and have grow close to the Rockfish Interactive team as well.

The big difference is when companies engage bloggers like Lori is referring to and I’m doing for companies like White Cloud and eBay classifieds, they take the blogger to the next level with respect for what they do and can do. Reviews and blog tours are great but they don’t build a relationship long term with the blogger (remeber the lust vs. love example). So when your brand is thinking about how to engage with bloggers and what your next step will be, think about treating the bloggers like professionals, building a relationship with bloggers and you’ll get so much more for your money. After all, it is far more than free stuff and trips but I write about that over at 3 Green Angels!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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