Let me first begin by telling you I am not being paid to write this. I just have to tell you about Isa Booties because they are wonderful! I found these online one day while searching for a soft, washable and dryable shoe that stayed on my babies feet. I wanted them to be adorable and different from Robeez. When I found Isa Booties I knew I had to have a pair and now I have several for my little Jo.

The company was started by mommies (love that) and they are made with no animal products. My little walker doesn’t slip because the soles are made from the same material they use to make the booties for rescue dogs. How cool is that? They have all these funky colors and use a european ribbon to give them a unique style. I’ve washed the pairs I have a dozen times over and they have not shrunk or faded. Mom tested and approved.

The cost is reasonable too! Only $29 and they always have sales like free shipping. The pair I have my eyes on are only $22 right now. Did I mention stain resistant and made in the USA!!!! You have to get a pair!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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