Does your pillow ever kink your neck or seem uncomfortable? Well imagine how a toddler feels when sleeping on a huge adult size pillow. I always felt bad seeing my daughter’s little neck kinked up on our big adult pillows. Whenever I went in to check on her in the middle of the night she was laying on the mattress and not the pillow, which means it has to be uncomfortable. I bought a few decorative small pillows thinking that would help but it didn’t. Not only did it not help but it caused a new problem; my daughter is highly allergic to dust mites and I couldn’t find a dust mite cover that was small enough.

When I was introduced to a product line called Madii&dyl, an all natural baby and children’s pillow line, I was excited. The pillows are designed for a child by providing proper neck support and spine alignment, while the micro-ventilating cores provide maximum air flow preventing moisture and heat build-up. They are made from 100% certified organic latex and contain no chemicals. The pillows are naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew, bacteria and are ideal for allergy sufferers. I also loved the fact that the pillow can be washed and it still retains its softness and shape.

I can’t tell you how happy I was the first time I watched my daughter lay her sweet head on that pillow. It may sound silly but it was such a sweet site to see that little head and neck rest on a pillow that was both ideal for her allergies and fit her little body so well. My daughter thought it was pretty cool too, she like the fact that she had her own pillow that was meant for someone her size.

The pillows come in 3 different sizes, one for newborns, toddlers, and kids 4year and older. The pillows are great for first time pillow users, kids transitioning from a crib to a bed and for allergy sufferers. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this product, I am just waiting for them to come out with adorable pillow cases to go along with the pillows. I hope all the babies and toddlers rest better using madii&dyl pillows.

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