Maid Brigade Green Cleaning Service

Hiring a housekeeper or cleaning service is something I recommended over and over to people telling me they are stressed about trying to find a work, home and life balance. If you can afford to have someone come help you once a month or once a week it is worth it. For me, having someone come regularly keeps my house manageable and when I’m not stressed about the laundry, sweeping, moping and scrubbing I enjoy life more. Just a few hours makes a huge difference for me! Having help can give you more “me” time and family time because it’s no fun on the weekends when everyone is playing to be scrubbing the toilets.

Recently my aunt had a service called Maid Brigade (They did that awesome survey about women and stress, remember?) come to her house in exchange for a review on Green and Clean Mom and let me tell you she was impressed! Unfortunately Maid Brigade is not near me or else I would have loved for them to come and give my home a good scrub! The service was so thorough and called ahead of time to ask her questions about the square footage of her home, what she’d like cleaned and how they could best help her. Before arriving they called and reminded her they’d be coming, which is so nice because a busy mom of four can easily forget things!

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My aunt called me while they were cleaning and after they were done, sending me dozens of photos and here is what she loved about Maid Brigade:

    • The staff was professional and wore uniforms. Seeing a staff of four in uniforms at her door made her feel safer and more secure. She also felt like real cleaning professionals had arrived to do a job well.
    • There was a supervisor of the team that made sure the cleaning professionals were doing their job well.
    • The entire team had smiles and was so kind and polite.
    • Maid Brigade is “Green Clean” certified and seeing that her son (my Godson) has asthma this was a plus!
    • They had a backpack vacuum to clean in very hard to reach places and with her cathedral ceilings she was very grateful for this.
    • Maid Brigade had cleaning tools like Mary Poppins, stuff just came out of their bag and poof they were using extended wands to reach windows and ledges that probably hadn’t been cleaned in a few years because they were impossible to reach but not for the Maid Brigade team!
    • Her house sparkled afterwards and the team of four spent 4-5 hours tackling the 5,000 square foot home making sure she was happy. Let me just personally tell you that this is a big house, I’ve lived there and it is a feat to clean it so I’m impressed too!
Green Cleaning Maid Service and Cleaning Service
It is like they are cleaning super hero’s!

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning service that is certified to “Green Clean” your home give Maid Brigade a try. If you can afford it, I promise you it will be well worth it!