I got an email today from the National Wildlife Federation to take a pledge to be a good neighbor and help stop global warming. Hmmm? Being a good neighbor and helping to stop global warming all in the same sentence…how cool is that? That’s like having your cake and eating it to. For $15 you take the pledge to do little things like cut your shower time (which can save $130 annually), use an energy efficient light bulb, recycle or some other small thing. You get a sticker for your window so everyone knows what you’re trying to do and maybe they’ll join you and be a “good neighbor”! They’ll give you stickers to remind you to turn off the lights, an e-newsletter for tips and pointers on going green and a reusable water bottle. That’s a lot for $15 but they don’t just have you send them $15 and call it good enough. Nope you have to actually pledge and commit!

If you’re serious they make you go through and answer questions on what you will actually do to help stop global warming and be a good neighbor. Everything you choose is worth a certain value of points. You cannot be considered a good neighbor until you have reached 20 points. This means that you have cut your carbon footprint by 2% each year for two years. If all of your neighbors did this that would equal a huge reduction of Co2 each year! Perhaps this would be a good association or community program to participate in? Take the pledge to reduce your carbon footprint and be a good neighbor and don’t be afraid to flaunt that!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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