Sunday afternoon my kitchen looked like it vomited pots, pans, spatulas grocery boxes, bags and cans. I was determined to cook, cook and cook and then freeze, freeze and freeze. I have been working so hard to wake up early and head to bed early but I wanted to make the mornings easier by making healthy, fresh breakfast items that could easily be pulled out of the freezer. I was originally inspired when I saw my friend Bargain Briana using Once a Month Mom’s menus and tips. I figured I could use some of the recipes and maybe not complete an entire month but I could start with a few meals and work my way up to a week’s worth and go from there.

Cooking a healthy breakfast to help my kids and family start the day off right is something that is very important to me. I love knowing my kids are being nourished with a meal I made them from ingredients I know are healthy. A few meals that I altered for our family from Once a Month Mom’s recipe ideas that have been a hit thus far include:

Fruit Breakfast Burritos: These were simple to make and with some fresh organic fruit, StonyField Yogurt and whole wheat tortillas, the breakfast is healthy and scrumptious. I made a dozen of these; flash froze them and just today enjoyed one with my coffee! Yum!

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French toast Sticks: My kids love French toast and if they can dip them in fresh maple syrup everyone has a mouth watering experience! With some fresh whole wheat bread, farm fresh eggs, pureed bananas and organic milk these turned out delicious. I worried at first the kids would not eat them because they looked different after I baked them but this morning my son gave them a tried and his reaction, “Yum, mom!”

In addition, I froze a few loafs of fresh pumpkin bread that the kids love to eat for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and anytime! It is a hit with the kids and easy to thaw the night before so while I had the kitchen all torn up I went to town baking bread!

Mornings are hectic but being organized and having items handy to feed the children makes my mornings easier and smoother. What are your healthy breakfast ideas? Do you make and freeze meals?

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