Some have said I’m not crafty. I roll my eyes at them. I am too. I’m creative and I like to try my hands at new projects. I just might not always follow the directions and goof up a time or two. That’s okay.  Which is when I wanted to give an old bookcase a makeover; I kept my little project quiet. I didn’t want my husband or children doubting me or instructing me on how to sand this or do that. I wanted to do it on my own with no help.

This meant late night sanding and painting but that’s okay, it was me time and I was very excited to makeover this ugly dark brown bookcase that was collecting dust, toys and junk.

If you’re interested in giving an old bookcase a makeover, check out the details of the steps I followed to go from ugly to rustic and beautiful. Crafty Allie is hosting this post and sharing with you and all of her readers a simple how-to on giving a bookcase a much needed make-over.  So head on over and tell me what you think?

I’m pretty proud of it. Below is the before but click here and you’ll discover something amazing…I promise!

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How to Give an Old Bookcase a New Look

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