I’m sure that most of our readers are familiar with or use products made by Stonyfield but just in case you aren’t, let me enlighten you. Stonyfield has been operating on the concept of organic food and supporting local farmers since the 1980’s. They state that they won’t rest until organic food becomes the norm and not the exception. Stonyfield has worked hard to make sure that their products are healthy for the consumer and the environment. Stonyfield proves again that they are trying their hardest to change what is considered the norm by introducing the first yogurt cup made from plants for their multipacks.

According to Stonyfield the new plant based cup slashes their carbon emissions by nearly half (48%). By switching their cups to plant-based plastic instead of PS for their multipacks, they will reduce their carbon footprint by 1,875 metric tons of CO2 a year. That’s equates to the CO2 emissions from 4,360 barrels of oil, or the greenhouse gases from the energy used in 160 homes for an entire year. WOW!!!

So how do they do it??? They make their plastic from corn, that’s right corn and more specifically GMO free corn. While Stony field admits this isn’t the solution to carbon emission and greenhouses gases it is a start in the right direction. I am elated and optimistic that our kids might get the chance to breath fresher air and eat safer food, even if it’s one cup at a time.

I think what I really like about Stonyfield is that they don’t seem to compromise their products or ethics for a buck. Even during the process of changing over to plant-based plastics they haven’t raised their price or compromised their product. Thanks Stonyfield.

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