In September 2007 I started blogging for fun and as a way to reach out to other moms like me. Blogger for me, at the time, was the best choice because it was free and very easy to use. Anyone can use blogger. I agreed to the terms and didn’t think twice. Now my blog has grown substantially, thanks to The New York Times and my continual marketing. I try hard to write good posts, figure out this blogging world, the marketing tools, and google ranking. Oh and the blogging rules and ethics are worse than moms at the playground! It’s competitive and at times down right confusing. For such a big business the word “blog” is deceiving and doesn’t sound very intelligent. Who came up with this word blog, my son thinks it sounds like bogger!

My blog has essentially become a business and taken on its own life form. I am not going to try to even explain but essentially I am very limited with what I can and cannot do with blogger (host ads on your site if they aren’t ad words). This is frustrating because I have it mastered and the thought of spending time to learn something else is annoying. I scowered the internet for advise, ideas and just what to do and summed it up nicely and gave me some solid ideas on blogs and business.

You might wonder, why not just keep doing what I am doing and stay with blogger? I’ve considered this but the potential is so high (not for everyone) and I really, really enjoy it. If you were to have a blog that was successful and big companies and advertisers were approaching you, what might you do? Let me just tell you that if it gave you another source of income to help buy more organic, natural items for your children and family and the chance to increase your business exposure, do what you love and help other moms…I think you might do it! Plus for me, it’s fun!

Ramble, ramble, ramble! With this being said I am researching which service to switch to: typepad or wordpress and who to host with. I use Go Daddy right now and I’m happy with them but I’d love to have a greener more earth friendly option. Ahhh, and then there is the switch and the ranking lost and technical stuff that is making me go cross eyed! I’ve found a few good opinions and sources but feel free to share. So hang in there while I make some changes, experiment and basically figure this out. Hopefully you’ll make the move with me and the transition will go smoothly. Thanks for the support!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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