I wrote about my daughters asthma and our childcare situation and my returning to work and hiring some cleaning help. We’ve been blessed to have found the right people and everything is working out perfectly (so far). I’m getting so much done during the day and having time in the evening to be with my family, read and actually relax. Yes, relax.

The experience of having my daughter at home with me and a nanny here a few days a week, lets me kiss her and hug her as much as I want during the day. I get to cuddle her and see what she is eating, doing and basically supervise her breathing and well-being. I’m loving this. I get alone time in the car with my son and we get to talk about everything. I pick him up early and we do mom and son stuff and he loves this. I am feeling very lucky.

This experience has also shed light onto something that I was only vaguely aware of, I do things differently then most people. I usually don’t compare myself to other people and have always thought I was “normal” but maybe I’m not. For example, I don’t use paper towels. The nanny, Kim, was confused by this. Where are the paper towels? She didn’t say it but I could tell she was confused. Instead we have a big basket of wash clothes that we use and I just wash them. That’s how we wipe the children up and then we rinse them out and wipe the counters. I also use my Skoy Clothes. Can’t live without them. When the lovely housekeeper came (which is not often) I had to explain microfibers and the Skoy Cloth to her as well. The weird look I got was priceless.

Oh, I don’t use plastic storage containers. Where’s the Tupperware? That was confusing to her but then I showed her my nifty glass containers and we were good to go. I didn’t even explain why. She’s equally as confused with the dozen sippy cups in the cupboard but with all the samples and my sampler pack from, The Soft Landing, I have a variety. I’ll have to explain the BPA stuff later.

Next, there would be the mix of cloth and disposable. I’m trying to transition and so I explained that to her as well. The Hylands Homeopathic remedies in the cupboard, the organic milk, organic yogurt and my reusable bags. A chilly home and everyone in sweaters and slippers verses turning the heat up. Doesn’t everyone have this stuff in their home and wear coats around the house? Maybe I’m not so ordinary.

Then there is the no chemical cleaners in our home. Yes, no antibacterial soap and our cleaners are green cleaners, you won’t find 409 on my counter. The housekeeper was confused. How do I disinfect? I don’t use Zep to clean my stainless steel? Nope, I use my all purpose cleaner and some olive oil to polish.

“Just olive oil, like from the cupboard?”

The small trash can in the laundry room stuffed with newspaper and recyclable items to be taken to the garage, it was pitched. I had to explain that all of those items are recyclable and then show her where the recycling bins were and why we recycle. I’m sure she thought I was a freak.

It’s eye opening to me, to learn that I do things differently because it really hasn’t even been that long for me, since I was just as bewildered as these very smart women are. I felt like I was teaching a class and scaring the shit out of them today! Has anyone else had these type of experiences?

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