March 2012 and I’m thinking spring is on the way. Nope. My weekend began with winter storm warnings predicting massive amounts of snow overnight but it was one of those, “yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it” type of weather forecasts. I stayed at my sister’s for a little slumber party and when I woke –we’ll I was a believer. March 2012 came in with a wintry white bang alright and has made our weekend a white one! It reminded me of the good old days where this was common and we hit the parking lots spinning ditty’s, snowmobiling and sledding at our local Winter Sports park drinking hot chocolate.

My vehicle buried in 15-18 inches of fresh snow. I can drive home. Ha! Ha! I got stuck at the bottom of the driveway.
After getting unstuck my drive home was breathtakingly beautiful and frightful at the same time.
There were just a few missing mailboxes on the drive home. The road crews worked hard but where will the bills go?
I pulled into my driveway to this massive snow pile and then I had to find the front door. No problem!
The backyard is calling our name…it’s time to go play in all of this glittery white stuff.
Where I live pools are for a different type of sunbathing and they attach to snowmobiles to take people up a sledding hill! All she’s missing is the poolside bar!
However you sled, just go down the hill laughing, smiling and screaming! It’s more fun that way

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