Imagine a chunk of ice, seven times the size of Manhattan collapsing and breaking off of a glacier. My husband and I honeymooned in Alaska and we took a glacier cruise where we saw part of a glacier break off and it was so loud I jumped. It was probably only the size of one Manhattan apartment and it was loud! This enormous ice chunk that has broken off, 15 years sooner then scientists expected is what I would call a “loud” wake up call. A report by, CNN , mentions how it’s natural for ice to break off but not of this size, however it is being coming more common due to global warming. In 1995 and 2002 there were more dramatic collapses but nonetheless, a reminder to all of us to that global warming is real. CNN has a great video and satellite pictures of this breaking news and unfortunately something we will see more of. Wondering how we you will be impacted? How about rising sea levels and climate changes, all of which have consequences for us whether we are near the artic or not. Keep making greener, healthier, more natural choices and doing your part to walk a little lighter on our planet.

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