I pulled up to the gas pump today to fill up before the week of back to school runs and after school activities and the cost was over $4 a gallon. Say what? I remember driving from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Ann Arbor Michigan in college and the cost was less than $.50 a gallon! Boy do I miss those days!

With gas being so costly it sure is nice to have a vehicle that gets good gas mileage and isn’t considered a “gas hog”.  My mini-van is much better than my old SUV but it’s no Mazda 3 which scored my husband and me 37.2 miles per gallon a few weeks ago.

Yes, 37.2 miles per gallon and we drove over 400 miles!

I tested the Mazda 3 for 7 days and exclusively drove the vehicle taking the kids to activities, the dog to doggy day care and my husband and I took a little road trip for our 10 year anniversary through Leelanau county in Michigan. I felt young again driving the Mazda 3i – it’s a zippy little thing with some power! Besides loving the gas mileage there were other features my family enjoyed.

  • There was plenty of leg room for the kids in the backseat and all of their “stuff”. My daughter basically moved in and luckily with the spacious backseat did not crowd her brother.
  • The navigation system and dashboard allowed me to see where I was headed, the miles per gallon and time without diverting my eyes from the road. The display was in a very good location in comparison to other vehicles I’ve driven.
  • I’m tall and driving “smaller” vehicles can be an issue but my 5’11’’ frame had plenty of leg and head room. A major plus for me! I’ve tested many vehicles and found my forehead to close to the visor or ceiling and my legs not fitting comfortable for a longer drive. The Mazda 3i was plenty spacious for my family of four AND Great Dane!
  • Budget friendly and Eco-friendly! No, the Mazda 3 is not a hybrid but with the fuel economy you’re certainly filling up less and that means you’re using less gas and in my book that’s Eco-friendly. You don’t have to buy a hybrid vehicle to get good gas mileage – not with this vehicle anyhow. AND the Mazda 3i is priced under $25,000 for those looking for a great car with excellent gas mileage this would be my pick.

The saying, ZOOM-ZOOM certainly rang true for my test drive. In fact, I was sad to the sporty blue vehicle leave my driveway.

Disclaimer: The Mazda 3 was loaned to me from a 3rd party. I was not compensated or asked to write a favorable review. My opinions are all my own.

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