Do you use Instagram? I’m semi new to Instagram because it was released for Android users late but I love it and can now see why all my Apple friends were gaga for it! Except, how do you measure the use of it, if you’re in the social media space and you’re interested in these types of metrics you might be wondering. Ahem, I am and therefore I scratched my head wondering how to capture the metrics of my Instagram account for my own professional benefit and how my clients could use Instagram and measure this application. At Mom 2.0 I asked a room full of people and a panel of PR professionals this question and nobody had an answer! Either nobody was going to share this little secret or I’ve stumbled onto something sweet! Well, actually a friend of mine did and she knows who is and how appreciative I am for her find

A simple web application that allows you to register your Instagram account do the following:

  • Print Photos {I always wondered how to do this.}How to measure your Instagram LOVE! #Instagram #Metrics #Blogging
  • Create an RSS Feed and have other subscribe to your latest photos
  • Create a Facebook tab for your Facebook Fan Page
  • Create a Facebook profile cover from all of your Instagram Pictures
  • Gather stats on photos, likes, comments, followers – including growth
  • Measure engagement and see which #hashtag was used the most
  • See which filter you use the most

With Statigram you can be notified daily of this activity via email! For my own personal and professional use this is handy! Here is my public profile, check it out.

As a Blogger:

  • I can finally measure what my sphere of influence is for Instagram and share it visually with brands and potential clients. This is a must add to my media kit!
  • Allow my clients to subscribe to my RSS feed and see what content I am posting for their brand or for other brands. This gives them a feel for what I post and if they want to work with me. They can view the comments and how many hearts I have on photos.

For my Clients:

  • I can see which bloggers are using this web based application and subscribe to their feed to see their activity. Which bloggers using Instagram do I want to work with based on their activity?
  • Ask for a blogger to provide me with their Statigram stats to capture their engagement and growth.
  • View a bloggers profile that’s using Statigram and see easily how many followers they have, how many people they are following, the number of photos they have and visually have a sense for the engagement level with the comments and hearts.
  • Measure a contents using Statigram with their request tool kit. This allows for statistics, participant listing, and a tool to select winners and publish prizes and map visualization.
  • Ask bloggers that are working with my clients to use Instagram to forward their weekly of daily email if it should include a most liked photo.

Perhaps I’m the only one excited about this web based tool but then again, I like metrics and stats and find it handy. Sure, it doesn’t reflect someone’s complete sphere of influence online but for Instagram it’s handy. If you’re interested in working with me learn more about what I do at



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