Years ago I would have told anyone that I wanted several children but then I had difficulty having children and managed to still have two children (thank the Lord), which made me feel blessed and complete. Satisfied that I accomplished this in life and knowing what parenthood is and how difficult it is for me to become pregnant, stay pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy – I say two is a wonderful number! In all honesty, if I could naturally get pregnant and not have a terrible high risk pregnancy with blood clotting issues, a two vessel umbilical cord issue (this was with my last pregnancy), shots for six months in my stomach afterwards and early labors (3 and 4 week s early, water breaking)…I might want to try it again (shhh, I secretively wish this would or could happen someday) .

Instead, I got a puppy. We had a puppy once; it was the wrong puppy for our family (yup that happens). One that came at the wrong time (my fault) was not well researched and frankly caused rifts verses making everyone happy. This lovely puppy, REX, is with a happy family running and playing with other animals and right where he belongs. Actually, before our family grew we as a couple had two St. Bernards we loved dearly and it was a wonderful experience that taught me a great deal about large dogs and my husbands love for animals and his sensitive heart.

When you get a puppy you have to be in the right frame of mind. It has to be a pet everyone decides on,  it has to be a commitment and an actual member of the family when you get it. I did not look at this last pet this way and therefore made a terrible mistake (a mistake I own and regret). I’ve grown up, needless to say and together our family welcomed, Ellie.

What I seemed to forget about having a new “baby” or puppy is that I would lose sleep at night because they puppies miss their mama and a crate is lonely <insert sad look>.  So they cry. They cry and whine and I hear everything because I’m a light sleeper and feel horrible listening to this sad puppy adjusting.

My heart melts seeing my husband kiss Ellie our Great Dane.

Oh and puppies have to pee all of the time and how do they know where to go!?  Why not my carpet or wood floor? It feels good to empty the bladder but with a Great Dane puppy you have miniature ponds soaking your floor. I haven’t used paper towels in my house in years but thank goodness I have White Cloud GreenEarth™ because this mama needs some soaking action and not laundry action!

After a ton of research (books, talking to people, online research and talking with breeders), knowing exactly what we wanted and sticking to it, a family conversation about responsibility, some major mama moving work schedule and rearranging for awhile, family and puppy training with a professional (I believe in consults and professionals when needed), agreement in money investment and commitment to a large dog…we know we made the right choice.

Seeing my son run and smile like this after being bitten and even afraid of tiny Rex, I know we made a good choice.

We almost waivered a few times and caved into other puppies. Puppies are cute and who doesn’t love an adorable face with drool, begging eyes and drooping ears, loving you no matter what? When your family decides to get a dog, like mine has done it has to not be on a whim or because you are trying to fill a void.   No you are adding something to an existing structure not filling a hole. No person or animal can fill a hole – I’ve tried and it never ends well.

She is blond and has long legs, looks like her mama I guess. The other two children I gave birth to and love with all of my heart and sole.

So welcome to Ellie. We are committed. We are your new family and look forward to the years ahead. Thus far you have brought us closer and have given me more down time, giggles and exercise. I have played more with kids, cuddled with my husband on the floor looking  admiring you and getting to know you, laughed belly laughs, turned off the computer and worked productively with you at my feet loving me. I haven’t slept more but I hope that will change!

Disclosure: I have given a dog away based on them viciously biting and attacking my child. Based on advice of my vet, shelters and other professionals for the breed. Based on it almost destroying my marriage but knowing what I saw when the bite happened, the recovery and what it did to my son and his developing mind and trust in other, including animals. I am still inflicted by this incident and it is raw in my memory.  I do believe and will always believe my child comes before my pet. An animal is always unpredictable because we cannot talk to it and when animals attack and bite touch choices need to be made for a child’s safety. #myopinion I am not perfect and proud that I have given a dog away after buying or adopting them but I always make responsible choices based on the current situation and circumstances and always want what is best for my family and for the dog. Safety is always number one in my mind.

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