Meet the Greenzys! No, the Greenzys aren’t my new neighbors but Peat the Penguin, an Eco friendly toy from Greenzys is my daughter’s new friend. Greenzys is a new, Eco-friendly, literary based brand that makes products for children. Greenzy promotes the fact that their plush toys are made in socially responsible factories from soy fibers and non-toxic dyes with packaging made from recycled paperboard.

When you purchase a Greenzy product a contribution is made to a green non-profit organization. A portion from each purchase will benefit the Environmental Media Association and the Arbor Day Foundation. They are hoping that as their product line grows they will be able to donate to other charitable organizations that focus on environmental conservation.

As I write this my daughter is pushing Peat the Penguin around the house in her stroller. Peat reminds me of an Eco-friendly version of a Care Bear. With Peat came a letter introducing him and his favorite activity, which is, recycling, reusing, and reducing. In addition to Peat, Greenzys arranged to have a tree planted in my daughter’s name. I received a code to enter on their website and a certificate to print out. I plan on putting the certificate in her baby book so when she is older she can see how early in life she started giving back to the environment.

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The Greenzys debuts on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and can be purchased on their website, FAO Schwarz New York, and Check out their website, they give green tips and have an icon for both parents and teachers. Have a Greenzy day!

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