Today,  I learned that the state of Michigan, along with 12 other states joined forces to protect citizens from chemicals that we know are harmful. I was very happy to see that Michigan is taking this seriously and that this movement has begun to prevent endless government studies with how Obama Administration is potentially proposing to move forward on revamping the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act. Safer States outlines the States’ Principles on Reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

The Environmental Working Group has an interactive online site that allows us to keep us to date with the news, commentary and a forum for ideas and thoughts on the reform. This is a public health issue that needs to be looked at from many angels but not a right or wrong side; rather a fix this problem and lets do it right.

“Every day, consumers rely on household products that contain hundreds of unregulated chemicals. We already have tough regulations for pesticides and pharmaceuticals—it’s common sense that we also have tough regulations for chemicals that end up in our homes,” Senator Frank R. Lautenberg said. “Passing the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act would be a significant step forward for safety, and the ideas and support of those who share our concerns is critical to achieve that goal.”

As a mother, educator, consumer of product and Michigan mom who cares about the being eco-friendly – I have a vested interest in the Kid Safe Chemical Act and I’m glad my state cares. Do you?

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Photo Credit: Classroom Clipart

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