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If I were a superhero, I’d save you. I’m not but I can share with you a very exciting campaign launched today called, Mind the Store. A campaign that is making an effort to educate the consumer AND the top 10 retailers in the nation on the 100+ toxic, hazardous chemicals that are showing up in products we purchase every day. The truth of the matter is this: our Federal laws are broken and they aren’t protecting us from being exposed to unhealthy and unsafe chemicals. The retailer’s stock their shelves with the products that contain some of these 100 plus hazardous chemicals because they’re in the same boat as you and I. Neither the consumer nor the retailer has enough education or protection from the Federal government against this scary list of hazardous chemicals.  In a nutshell, the retailer stocks the shelf assuming items are safe and we the consumer buy the products making the same assumption.’s not good to assume but I don’t have a PHD in chemistry to understand the labels. Do you?

Like I said, I’m not a superhero but Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families wants to help the top 10 retailers in the U.S. become superhero’s and take a tough stand to protect us, the consumer and customer. A lofty goal I know and it’s not as easy as putting on a mask or cape but it is possible for retailers that are already making strides in the right direction for the consumer to now make leaps and bounds. Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families wants to work with the retailers to create achievable action plans and policies that will help protect the consumers from some, if not all of the 100 + hazardous chemicals from showing up on their shelves for us to buy.

Today I visited my local Walmart in an attempt to share a letter from Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families with my store manager. They were on lunch but I tried and I’ll go back tomorrow but what I wanted to share with the manager is my appreciation for the efforts Walmart has already taken but let him/her personally know that as a consumer I’d like to continue seeing them do more.  If you’re wondering what they’ve done here are a few examples from Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families:

We appreciate the efforts Walmart has already taken, for example the company’s leadership in designing the GreenWERCS tool. We applaud Walmart’s action to stop selling products containing polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) that accumulate in people’s bodies and considered to be toxic to both humans and the environment,[2] and to stop selling baby bottles containing BPA. As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart has a unique ability to work with suppliers to ensure that chemicals that have been linked with health conditions including cancer, reduced fertility, learning and developmental disabilities, behavioral problems, obesity, and diabetes are not found in the products they sell.

These are steps in the right direction, don’t you agree? I wanted to acknowledge this in person at a local level and maybe you’d like to do the same or you could simply take action virtually and have a voice in helping retailers and consumers have healthier, safer buying choices.

What can you do today?

1.  Send a letter to the retailers letting them know why this campaign is important to you and why as a consumer you want to choose mindthestore.org_widgethealthy, safer products for your family. Change happens when we stand up and voice what is important to us. Ripples make waves and I hope you join me in creating a tidal wave of change!

2.  If you’re on Twitter be sure to follow-me and send a tweet showing your support. Here are a few sample tweets:

I just asked @Kroger to get tough on toxic chemicals: Join me in asking them to #MindtheStore! 

Hey @Walmart: Please ask your suppliers to ban the Hazardous 100+ toxic chemicals! #MindtheStore @SaferChemicals

.@Target, let’s work together to move away from the Hazardous 100+ – will you #MindtheStore? @SaferChemicals

I’m asking the big ten retailers to move us away from the Hazardous 100+ and #MindtheStore: @SaferChemicals

Join me in asking the top ten retailers to get tough on toxics: #MindtheStore @SaferChemicals

3.  If you’re on Facebook be sure to follow-me too and post a status update with your friends and family. Here are a few sample Facebook updates you can use:

Join me and take action today!

Tired of going to the store with a list of chemicals to avoid? So am I. Join me in asking the nation’s leading retailers to move away from the Hazardous 100+ toxic chemicals! Share this photo to show your support and take action now:

4.  See what other fellow bloggers are doing to share their support of the Mind the Store Campaign:

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Remember, we can’t make a change overnight but if retailers begin to take action we’ll move away from the hazardous 100 + toxic chemicals, one-at-a-time. We have to start somewhere and I hope you join me in taking a friendly step in the right direction with the Mind the Store campaign. Here’s my quick video that will hopefully inspire you:

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