Minecraft is a game that is highly addictive (Aren’t all video games?) but if you’re a mom that doesn’t play the game you might be wondering if it’s okay for your kids to play and what all the fuss is about. I can relate because I do not play Minecraft but both my six and nine year old do and they love it. I figured if my six year old could play the game I could figure it out too.  Before starting I wanted to ask my son to give me three tips for starting out and I thought I’d share what he had to say.

Minecraft Tips for Beginners and Mobile Players

For Minecraft beginners my nine year old pro advises:     

  1.  Start out on creative mode.
  2.  Press “e” to see all of your blocks.
  3. Start building small houses to practice.

Hint:  I’ve learned that the iPod Touch version of Minecraft doesn’t give you as many blocks as the computer game and that if you’re in survival mode you can be attacked by zombies!

In a nutshell, Minecraft is game of blocks and you’re building houses and your own virtual world for different purposes depending on how you are playing the game.  If you’re in creative mode it is just fun to build a house with “cake” storage, your dream bedroom and have fun building like you would with blocks in real life, it’s just virtual playing with blocks! If you are in survival mode you are building houses and you need to protect yourself so you might have fences, a farm for food, etc. The game can also be collaborative and friends can connect online and help protect each other or build homes together.

Hint:  Consider buying Minecraft for Dummies, it is actually very helpful!Minecraft and kids the educational component.

Here is why I’m okay with my kids playing Minecraft:

  1. They enjoy it and its educational. Yes, educational. Physics, collaboration, architecture, strategy, geography, problem solving, creativity and more! It really depends on how you look at it but yes, classrooms and teachers are using Minecraft and they are having success with it!
  2. Children are getting along. Yes, my two children are getting along when they are playing the game and have common ground. They are virtually helping each other, strategizing and having fun together. What is not to love about that?

Hint:  If you purchase the game for your computer buy the card at your local big box store and follow the instructions on the back of the video game card. It will slow your computer down so be warned!

Of course I limit the time they can play these video games but for the most part I see no harm in letting my children play Minecraft and now that I’m trying to play the game I can see why they love it so much.

Here is my son’s video with tips and tricks for playing Minecraft if you are a beginner:


  1. I love it. My son is into Minecraft, but we don’t do screen games often… He talks about it ALL the time with his friends because it’s what they’re into. He’s currently trying to get Little Miss to like it, too, but since she wasn’t first she’s pretending she isn’t interested right now 😉


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