Christmas cards, you have to send them. If you don’t you get one in the mail and feel guilty because you didn’t send one. You know what I’m talking about. Self inflicted guilt. I even keep all of my cards from the year before so I know who to send one to the next year. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to buy your cards from and yes, you may even want to go green and do the email thing but it just isn’t the same. Of all people, you would think I could get away with this and blame it on my business and it just being “Green and Clean Mom” but nope, it just won’t work.

Minted. That is your answer and if you place your order by Wednesday (hurry) you can receive your cards guaranteed by the 15th of December and a upgrade to 2 day shipping. Plenty of time to get the cards in the mail and out before Christmas otherwise send New Years cards and give yourself some extra time.

Minted provides some great eco-friendly holiday cards and seeing that I have all of the options in my hand, I can tell you they are beautiful to the touch and the quality is outstanding. Hard to tell online when viewing the products, I know…that’s why you have me. I’m telling you that this is a company worth going with if you want to send eco-friendly, quality cards this year. Who wants to get a cheap flimsy card in the mail that looks like you spent a penny on it? Might as well do email if that’s your thinking. Besides, these are unique cards designed just for Minted, which means you’ll stand out this holiday season and all the while you’ll be doing something good for the environment.

The cards are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and they are beautiful. I am loving the Eat Drink & Be Merry Card because I can include a recipe on the card and that is useful and something that they won’t just pitch or hopefully recycle! I’m also favoring the Oscar + Emma Design because I can include several photos of the family and children. Finally putting all of my pictures to good use sounds like a great plan to me! What designs do you like best?

Too bad I wasn’t getting married again or I’d have a green wedding and use the Minted eco-friendly wedding invitations. To die for beautiful and when I was married I couldn’t find invitations that came on recycled paper unless I wanted to trade my wedding gown and cake in for a sun dress and Little Debbies! It’s nice to see companies like Minted providing affordable, quality invitations that are unique and beautiful for those green minded individuals.

The Company isn’t just about holiday cards and weddings, oh, no. They mean business offering calligraphy services, birth announcements and design contests allowing you to submit a design to them and have others vote. I love this part of the company…seeking new ideas and being creative about it. Just fabulous! The past winners are pretty impressive and from the unique collection that Minted provides, it is clear that there are some talented designers out there. You should try your hand at it if you think you have some eco-fabulous stationary design…when the next design contest begins.

Alright back to the holidays because Christmas is almost here…you have time to get your order in for those holiday cards, just don’t delay any longer. Send eco-friendly beautiful Christmas cards that will wow the person opening it and make them feel loved and special with

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