Driving a 100% electric car last month was very exciting and fun! The Mitsubishi i-MiEV was loved by the entire family. We had plenty of room for our family of four, enough that I even forgot I was driving such a tiny car until I caught someone pointing at me or looking at the car strangely. Even though I’m 5’ 11’’ I had plenty of head room and leg room in the vehicle which surprised me but it was actually very spacious.

Here is what I loved about the Mitsubishi i-MiEV:

      • You can buy it for as low as $21,625 and you can qualify for a Federal tax credit of $7,500! Hello!!
      • No tailpipe which equals no emissions. I took the car to my children’s elementary school and they could not believe there was no tailpipe. One little kid had to look all over the car!
      • I was able to take the kids to school, run errands, pick the kids up and run a few more errands and the vehicle had plenty of charge. No worries about the battery running low and I could charge it in the garage with a standard 120 volt plug with 15 amps. The elementary school kids loved that I could plug the car in the same type of plug that I use for my toaster. They got a real laugh out of this!
      • I felt safe. Yes, I did and even though others questioned this I felt comfortable having the kids in the car. There are six airbags, including a roof-mounted air bag!
      • The MIEV technology allowed for the car to regulate the output of the battery life for extended performance and economy of the driving. In the morning I could pre-heat the car while it was plugged in, saving battery life and who doesn’t love getting into a warmed up car! No fumes meant I could warm it in the closed garage too!

Overall, I loved driving this car and if I lived in an area that had the infrastructure for public charging – I would seriously consider buying this vehicle. It was a fun ride and what I really enjoyed was giving my children and their friends the experience of learning about this technology. They learned about where fuel comes from, why people buy electric cars, how you cannot hear the electric car and how the car charges. It was a great lesson for everyone!

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