I love my shows. I really do not “watch” too much television but I multi-task and have shows on in the background. The Today Show is my morning routine while I’m in the shower, making breakfast and getting ready. If I’m home I watch The View and if I love the guests I admit I record and watch on a Saturday or Sunday. The same goes for Oprah and Dr. Phil.

I do love to unwind at night with some mindless television drama – that takes me away from real life drama while I tweet, reply to comments here at Green and Clean Mom, check the community (growing by the way) and Facebook. I like to read other blog posts and sometimes have a glass of wine and enjoy the silence of the quiet home while The New Jersey Housewives battle it out. I like Army Wives, The New Jersey Housewives, Drop Dead Diva, Grey’s Anatomy, Brother’s and Sisters and Private Practice. These are pretty much the only shows I tape on a regular basis. So when I look forward to them, I look forward to them.

When my cable goes out I go nuts.

Partially because I have my plans and they’re ruined.

Partially because I pay way too much money for my cable T.V. service from Charter Cable for the “bundle” package to justify three days of no DVR and shows and spotty Internet.

What No Internet and My Shows Have Taught Me:

1.  I really do like them. Sorry but I do and they were missed.

2.  I can be a bitch. Yup, after a few days I certainly wasn’t too nice after multiple calls and no help.

3.  There are other things to do. Like laundry, cleaning, smooching with the hubby, sleep and reading material that is stimulating to the brain to make me smarter!

4.  Sleep. I can just go to sleep and say who cares what housewife pulls out the other’s hair! For real!

5.  I could never be Laura Ingalls. I sure the heck loved Little House on the Prairie the books, shows and movies but they did not have a T.V.

6.  I’m a modern green mom. I’m all about saving energy and being eco-friendly but I like my T.V. and mindless shows.

7.  I’m not dead. Not having them did not kill me.

What shows do you love to watch or DVR for mindless evening relaxation?

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