Like most of you moms out there, I’m learning along with all of you on how to be natural, green, and organic. I just happen to spend hours and hours reading, researching, trying new products, shopping and experimenting. I’m doing it for me, my family and the environment and then telling you all about what I learn. I get very excited about revealing some good news or must have “find” that I just know you will love! One area that I am continually learning more about is organic food and cooking. It’s hard to move away from the processed refined food that most of us grew up with (pop-tarts, Kraft mac and cheese, hot dogs, fruit roll ups, etc.) and to cook with healthy natural raw food. Understanding labels can be confusing and what is kale? Not only am I teaching my children how to appreciate fresh foods and natural flavors I have a Wonder bread, Little Debbie, cheese puff lover for a hubby.

I’m pretty sure if mom-a-licious, Domenica Catelli, came to my house and cooked up some kale or egg plant my husband would eat every last one of bite! If she spent the day with us, I’m pretty sure he’d give up the Little Debbie’s! That’s why I’m registering to win a refrigerator makeover contest, for a chance to have this first class, celebrity chef teach us some kitchen tricks and help us stock our refrigerator with healthy organic food. The contest ends, April 30th and is super easy.

Simply send the following items to
1. A photo of your family
2. Photos of the inside of your pantry, refrigerator and freezer
3. A brief (100 words or less) explanation of why YOUR family needs a grocery makeover
One lucky grand prize winning family will receive a day with Chef Catelli in their kitchen, which includes a trip to the grocery store for a full pantry, refrigerator, and freezer makeover with FREE organic groceries and a cooking lesson!
Five first prize winners will each receive a signed copy of Chef Catelli’s new cookbook, Mom-a-licious, and a $200 gift certificate, so that they, too, can have a fresh start!

I encourage you to visit Organic Earth Day, for recipes, sign up for their newsletter for ideas on how to go organic and learn more about some terrific organic brands. I’m so happy I’ve stumbled onto this website and if I win the contest…you’ll know. Oh, and speaking of contests, have you entered to win the sexy and sassy organic tee? It ends tomorrow so hurry.

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