Big news –for me anyhow because I am making an official career change that has been underway for a few weeks now. For over 15 years I have been working with children and have a Masters in Early Childhood along with a Michigan teaching certificate. When I started blogging I literally fell for social media and have devoured every book, webinar, conference and opportunity that has come my way. I have felt like a pioneer finding my way through this jungle and loving every minute of the adventure. I’ve written a children’s book about being a blogger, I’ve spoken at conferences, been featured in books and articles, consulted and have been hired as a brand ambassador by a few companies (the official list is here and here).  I make money and I love how my business has flourished but I’ve also been juggling my career in education and it has been exhausting to do both.

Taking the Fork in the Road

Not anymore!! In June I attended a meeting with Shaklee in California, along with 9 other amazing women as an advisory team for the company. For me this was a great experience because three years ago I was a Shaklee Distributor and successful. In fact, Shaklee led me to blogging because I wanted to take my business online. This is how I met Colleen with Classy Mommy and several other blogging friends because they reviewed Shaklee products for me. My blogging business grew and my Shaklee business fell to the wayside. I continued to sell product and use the products but I no longer actively built the business or promoted Shaklee online – I took a different path that was working well for me at the time.

I am pleased to say that I am now a full-time consultant for Shaklee as their social media manager, blogging relations. I will no longer be juggling two different career paths but can be fully emerged into the world of blogging and social media. I will maintain my blog, social networks and book while consulting for Shaklee helping them with social media strategy, affiliate marketing and building relationships with bloggers. A dream come true job for me that lets me do everything I love to do with a company that I first started working with when I began blogging!

Mom Bloggers are Pioneers

Everything has come full circle for me and I truly believe it is because I was brave enough to try, accept I might fail, learn from others and teach myself through books, articles, webinars and conferences.  I remember Jessica Gottlieb making a video of her in her car talking to mom bloggers about making their own rules, doing something for more than a Barbie or to tell others that Barbie is on sale. I remember this video because it reminded me of how mom bloggers are indeed pioneers and for some of us the goal is to get hired, others want to run their own businesses or start a business with other bloggers. We all have to make decisions for ourselves and our families and to most of all honor ourselves. I think it is amazing we have mom bloggers being hired to work with brands, companies and PR firms and here are a few great examples:

Catherine of Her Bad Mother – hired to work with Babble and is moving to NYC.

Kristen Chase – hired to work with Johnson and Johnson.

MJ Tam – hired to work with Chicago Toy & Game Fair.

Jennifer Hutcheson– hired to work digital media strategist for the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration.

Jessica Smith – hired as the Regional Manager for the Washington, DC Plum District.

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