In the blogging world there seems to be a ton of buzz over the word “ambassador” and companies are using this word loosely holding events where bloggers are attending tours of a company, meeting their CEO’s and getting an inside look at the company. The perks are usually a trip, meals, networking and professional/career development.  In my opinion, there should be compensation of the bloggers time for being away from their family, offering marketing and social media advice and in the end hopefully gaining a loyal consumer who uses word of mouth marketing in the most genuine form there is because a relationship has been forged.

I’m not saying the company pays for the relationship or the loyal consumer but the bloggers ideas, opinions and points of view are worth a lot more than I feel they are given value to.  The relationship, the consumer trust and loyal customer who tells their friends who tell their friends, etc. is end result.

Back to the word, “ambassador”, which means an informal representative and how companies are using this big “A” letter word.  I’m thinking of this because I’m flying off to San Jose, California tomorrow afternoon to attend the first-ever Kijiji™ ambassador’s day with Amy – Selfish Mom, Kris –Little Tech Girl, Stacey – Tree, Root, and Twig. Tiffany – Living as Mom, Cat – eBay Tech and Toy Director, Linsey – SV Moms Group, Jenn – Five Dollar Shake, and Tricia – Once a Month Mom.  In conjunction with meeting these other bloggers, learning more about Kijiji™ and touring the behind the scenes Ebay facility I’ll learn about how to get organized from professional organizers:  Chaos to Order, Squared Away, Gotham Organizers, KD Organizing, and No Wire Hangers.

I’m super excited and thrilled and to take time off work and leave my family it has to be something I would put some value towards but the word ambassador has me wondering what you, my readers, my friends and my families think this means?  Everyone has a different weight or value attached to a word and where some bloggers would never be a brand ambassador, others are happy to entertain the idea. Have we as bloggers thought about this word “ambassador” and what it means? Companies  should know what a brand ambassador means because as Jennifer James points out, it means success for a company! Being an “informal representative” for a company is technically what the word ambassador implies but to me, I am at the beginning of the road to potentially being a informal representative  if I decide and Kijiji™ find there is a spark and a good fit. I can’t really represent a company until I have a 360 degree view and know if there is a perfect fit, however, I am always up for engaging in the learning process and exploring opportunities. Which has me thinking about Chris Brogan’s article on influencers – a great read!

Here is why I said yes and what I’m gaining from the experience (in no particular order):

-To learn about Kijiji™ and the fit for my blog, audience and personal life.

-To network and meet other bloggers.

-To help a company that I feel can gain something from my experience and potentially connect with my community.

-To possibly build a lasting relationship with the company if they align with my blog, community and my beliefs.

-To learn and grow on a professional level and to find out what those of us blogging can do to take this blog community to the next level and to share with them how I feel they should and can value the blogging community.

I am not being compensated but I am getting my travel and accommodations paid for. I am looking forward to the experience, I’ll miss my children and husband, use my vacation days and hope to again have safe travels. Kijiji™ is a site I’ve enjoyed exploring and hope you’ll give me your feedback on. With reusing, recycling and being thrifty to save money, declutter and live more simply – I can see a great deal of value.

Weigh In

Tell me, what do you think of mom bloggers as brand ambassadors? Would you be brand ambassador? Have you used the Kijiji™ website and service and what do you think?

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