– Advanced Monetization – Blissdom ’11 Presentation

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Throughout our presentation at Blissdom 2011 on Advanced Monetization we had many links that we referred to and I promised to share with you some great resources to help you monetize your blog. So here they are ladies, start making money!!!!

This will make you scratch your head and do some serious thinking…

Are we really making money? Um…YES and No! Good Read via @abdpbt

A great chart to help you decide if you should be working for free and my advice print this out and post it next to your desk/computer…

Examples and good reads about figuring out what YOU are worth and calculating your worth…

Peter Shankman Spells It Out:

Paid in Tampons?

Setting Rates Calculator:

iPhone Application that is a consultant rate calculator:

Free eBook from @mombloggersclub and @sheposts

Keep up with all of the above here:

Why not? Great tips for free!

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