Blogging is not easy. Blogging takes time, thought, energy and it is about more than just posting. There is posting, pictures, SEO, links, videos, comments, social networking, making friends, P.R. contact, reviews, emails, stats and the list can go on and on and on.


Three years ago when I started I started on when a blog and no theme. Then I had a blogger makeover for $50 and stayed on blogspot but as my business grew I moved to WordPress and had a new site design, which I loved. I did not know about SEO or theme’s I just wanted a nice looking site because I knew that people liked to not only read what I wrote but it had to look good and be easy to navigate.

Then I learned about SEO and more about WordPress and how I wanted to run my blogging business and again, changed themes and here I am!


Mom’s deserve to have their hair done, nails, toes and feel refreshed with a new outfit that makes them feel pretty and sexy! Mom’s work hard and so do mom’s online and that is why I just love this giveaway because when you have a makeover online it feels so good and does so much for your online self-esteem! So why do you need to have a social media makeover?

Why not? Great tips for free!

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