This could have been my worst nightmare had she been like 15 but luckily she is four and pretend playing.

The other day on the way home my daughter says to me, “Mom, I have a baby in my belly.”

I peek back and she has her snow pants stuffed into her jacket and big belly.

“Well honey only mommies that are married can have babies”, is my serious reply.

As I say this I think to myself how messed up it is I am saying something that is not always true in life or has to be true.  It is what our church wants to be true. It is what society might press upon. Yet, it is not true.

So if I say it and she is not married someday but becomes a mommy have I set her up to fail?

I scratch my head driving and pondering. I want her to be married someday. I want her to be a mommy someday. Yet, if these two do not happen together on in at that order she can still be happy and successful.

I want her to be happy and successful.

So I say to her, “Honey, to have a baby you should have to have a nice place to live, a good job to pay for the baby and if you are going to work you should have a good babysitter like you have. It is a lot of work to have a baby sweetie. Someday you will be a mommy and a great one.”

So what is the right or wrong this to say? What would you say?

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