momonamission300When I hear the word “Mission” I think of Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible but right now I’m talking “Mom on a Mission” and there is NOTHING impossible about this! My pals from Healthy Child have announced their first ever search for “Mom on a Mission” and if I could nominate myself I would but I can’t and frankly amongst all the moms and women I know that care for their kids, inspire others to change and work hard I’m not sure I would be deserving.

Who do you know that is deserving to be honored by Healthy Child in October of 2009 as a mom who is on a mission to help others live healthier and happier lives for the benefit of our children? The mom must be a U.S. citizens who is trying to make a difference and the judges will be seeking heart-lifting, true and inspiring stories.

The deadline is August 15, 2009 and there is only one nomination per person allowed. Send all entries so to of no more than 750 words (restrain yourself).

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