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Is this true? I’m not quitting but one of my favorite bloggers has decided to throw in the keyboard and call it quits. She has good reasons and it makes sense to me but when I read her comments and her achieved posts I start to wonder if quitting is the answer. For her it was but will it be for other mom bloggers? This scares me to some degree.
Side note:  If you are new to blogging just wait and see and you’ll understand this post soon enough. Yes, this post isn’t about non-toxic stuff or recycling but it’s about blogging and you are reading a blog. I’m veering off topic for the day, sorry but back to my rant…
Does it have to be all or nothing when it comes to blogging?
Are mom bloggers spending too much time on the computer and not with their families or the kids?
If they weren’t blogging would they substitute blogging for another pastime to occupy themselves (phone calls to friends, shopping, etc).
Why do moms blog in the first place?
Are moms being taken advantage of? Is there time not valued by the PR firms and companies approaching them and sometimes pressuring them?
These are all questions that have run through my mind after reading about my blogging budding saying no more because she needed more time with family and her husband did not like her pastime. I am no one to judge and my situation is different, I have turned my so-called blogging and social media and networking obsession into a business. Each mom blogger is different but I’m curious to know what you think and what your answers to these questions are.
Reflecting on my Own Blogging Habits
I have not done a good job at balancing my computer time and the divide between work, play and socializing is a hard line to define. It all just sort of meshes together but I have tried to set some boundaries which I believe has made it easier for the family and me but these aren’t always easy to stick to. I admit, I flounder on days but I’m human.
I look back to what I did before blogging, when I was home all day with the kids and bored and isolated. I called friends and socialized this way. I still was chatting, talking and trying to reach others who could speak in sentences. Just not on the computer. Social networking, for me has opened up a new world to others like myself. It has stimulated my mind, made me feel like I mattered and frankly I like it. I like researching, trying new products and voicing my opinion to companies and inspiring change. This is just why I blog because if I didn’t blog I’d find something else to do.
Blogging for me, yes it has turned into a business but it has also been a saving grace because it has helped me to become “me” again. Does my husband like it, ah not so much but before blogging we watched T.V. and so now we do this and I’m on the laptop. I’m doing what I like and if he complains or wants more time I have to find a solution and make time.
A Mind Shift For Mommy Bloggers

When blogging became really time consuming and over the top was when I started being pitched by companies and PR firms. This is when I stumbled upon The Queen of Spain Blog and a fire was lit under my ass  (I even called her on the phone – no kidding ask her) and I realized, my time is valuable. I’m sharing this with you so maybe you’ll read this and a fire will be lit for you. Then my time was structured differently because I thought differently. I had a shift in mindset. This doesn’t mean that you need to form a company or start an official business but it does mean that you need to shift your time into thinking you are valuable. Another great post that made me realize that my time was value came from a guest post at ProBlogger and again the light bulb came and I arranged my blogging time to be more “apporpriate”.
It’s just like when you speed and you know you should be going 55 MPH not 75 MPH. You don’t shut the car off and stop driving! You put the breaks on and hit cruise control. I believe more mommy bloggers need to shift their thinking and put the breaks on, not quit.
If Mommy Bloggers Quit What Will Happen
Another mom will start a blog. Eye roll but it is true. If mom bloggers have a high turn over rate and don’t keep up what they start it is my belief that we will lose credibility. We won’t be looked to for advice, networking, reviews or sought after…we will seem flaky.
We are not flaky. We are just busy. We are overwhelmed.
Mom’s need to have a voice. We need each other. Blogs like The Smart Mama, The Safe Mama, The Soft Landing, Healthy Green Moms, Big Green Purse, Enviroblog (small list) but they inspire me and make me a better mom and person. They also are creating change, making a difference and advocating and this is POWERFUL.  Mom’s don’t quit, please. If you do one post a week and it is too much do one every two weeks. Find your groove and what will work for you but find that groove, take a break and figure out a new direction for your blog.
I’ll leave you with one last thought and then I’d like yours…
If you’ve spent time creating a blog it is valuable online property and would you leave an acre of land in the middle of development?

Why not? Great tips for free!

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