Green and Clean Mom reviews products and likes to give them away. Companies like moms to review products because if one mommy blogger tells five mommy bloggers that then tell five more that tell five more (get the picture) it is the best word of mouth marketing a company can buy. If a company is smart they’ll track the comments and see what people are saying about their products and boom, free market research. No more surveys, calling or expensive market research. It is as simple as the companies getting the products into the hands of the consumers and letting them tell it like it is.  Cheaper than a magazine ad or television ad.  What we write on our blogs stays in the search engines and it can be read hundreds of times over and therefore the advertising just keeps going and going. Oh, the power of the internet and blogging.

I’ve been blogging for exactly one year now and over the course of the last year I have worked with dozens of PR firms, met hundreds of mom bloggers online and small business owners with some really great causes and products. I only review products that I feel fit the scope of my blog and business and these relate to sustainability, green earth friendly products and health.  That’s the greatest part, I’m in control and so are all mommy bloggers.

To celebrate my one year of blogging and all of the contacts I have made I’ve decided to branch out and offer mommy bloggers the chance to join the “Mommy Go Green Blog Tour” and companies the option to have their products and business be part of the “Mommy Go Green Blog Tour” by hosting one! I am really passionate about word of mouth advertising and genuine honest opinions about products from the people that use them. I don’t like television commercials or magazine ads.  I trust mommy bloggers and what they write, how they feel about a product and I look at the ads on their blogs. I am passionate about sustainable, green and earth friendly products and I love blogging. Mesh all this together and you have the creation of the Mommy Go Green Blog Tour! Here is what this means and then you decide it is a good fit for you as a blogger or for your company…

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For Mommy Bloggers:

1.  You would like to review green, sustainable, earth friendly products on your blog.

2.  You would like to giveaway green, sustainable, earth friendly products on your blog.

3.  You can write a post under a deadline.

4.  You will remain in control of choosing which products and companies to review and are never obligated to participate. For each blog tour you will get an invitation and either accept or decline it. Accepting it does not guarantee you will be part of the blog tour.

5.  You have a privacy policy, disclosure policy and rules for how giveaways and contests are run on your blog.

6. You can write a fair, honest and balanced post.

7. You’re a U.S. resident.

Click here to join the elite group of Moms Go Green Blog Tours by Green and Clean Mom, LLC.

For Companies, Causes, Organization and P.R. Firms:

1.  You have a green, sustainable, earth friendly product you want to have blogged about.

2.  You will send the products to the mommy bloggers selected for the blog tour and if applicable will agree to giveaway a product and send the products to the winners. This applies only if a specific product needs to be reviewed. You respect the privacy of all mommy bloggers that are part of the tour and won’t sell or use their information for any reason other than for the Mommy Go Green Blog Tour. It could be internet suicide if you don’t!

3.  You want to reach moms and have them learn about your product, company, organization or cause and you believe that mommy bloggers can help you get your message out there. 36 million women write and read blogs and women spend $.85 for every dollar spent. That’s powerful, do you want to harness this power and change marketing for the better and reach the real consumers and give them a voice?

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For more details about how to host a tour please click here.

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