Have you heard about the campaign, “Moms against Cooties”?  It cracks me up; I thought it was a joke when I first read PhD in Parenting. Really, a website that has posters sponsored by the chemical industry and moms are okay with this? Are we seriously protecting our children by spraying disinfectants everywhere because we are scared of a cold? Can you say disinfectant over kill and a fear based marketing tactic?! Only some 17,000 moms like this campaign on Facebook and because nobody wants a child to get sick we have to freak out and declare war on cooties, AKA germs! I agree with SafeMama, I’m all for the cooties if it means I have to expose my children to harsh cleaners that are dangerous to breath, make and harmful to our water system.

I’m scratching my head, is this some joke?

I wish it was but unfortunately this is a serious sponsored campaign that is being justified based on health codes recommending bleach and water mixtures to clean. This is what happens when big bucks are dumped into silly campaigns verses spending money to educate people on how to be healthy.

1.  Wash your hands regularly.

2.  Cover your mouth with your arm when you sneeze.

3.  Throw your tissues away and wash your hands.

4.  Eat healthy.

5.  Exercise and get outside!

6.  Sleep.

Instead let’s spend money educating people about…

•The dangers of harsh chemicals and how these toxic brews impact our kids!

Asthma is increasing, 1 in 13 children have asthma and the EPA says indoor air pollution is worse that outdoor air pollution.

•There is an increase in childhood cancer.

•Child care centers, schools and homes do not need harmful harsh chemicals to clean; there is safe and healthier alternatives.

•There are ways to “green” your day care!

I agree, we should all join the battle but not against “cooties”! Instead lets join the battle to do better and be wiser! Coalitions like the Cleaning for Healthy Schools, Women’s Voices and Healthy Child Healthy World are fighting the good fight to keep are kids healthy in more than one way – not just killing germs and preventing them from getting the cold!

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