Give a few thousand moms a mission and they’ll get it done! Seriously, don’t mess with a bunch of moms and their strollers! Green Peace has an movement taking place called, Project Hot Seat and the idea is to get off you’re your bum and do something! On Mother’s day between Greenpeace, 1Sky, and True Majority over 455 events were scheduled on mother’s day to show congress that we want change! Our children need clean air to breath, non-toxic choices, safe drinking water and darn it all a health planet! Head on over to Project Hot Seat and find out who your legislator is and how you can do something. I don’t even have a mommy meet up event listed in my State (gasp) so you know what I need to get working! Okay, at least get my friends to start something! Listen to some very motivational testimonials from moms just like us!

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