Alright moms, there’s nothing I hate more than big money winning when it comes to our children and their safety but that is exactly what is about to happen. I’ve written about BPA dangers here and here and here and given you facts that there is just cause to rid BPA from plastics and to choose alternatives.  I don’t live in California but if I did, I’d be all over this! If you live in California do something. If you don’t live in California you can still do something. Mommy bloggers are powerful and we have ways to reach hundreds and thousands of California moms, so lets do it. Just copy and paste the text below and post about this today!  There is no time to spare. Come on moms, lets stand up to the chemical industry and stand up for our children and their health and safety!

The California state Assembly is voting on two monumental bills in the next 24 hours. SB 1713 would ban bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone disruptor, from baby bottles, sippy cups, and infant formula. SB 1313 would ban cancer-causing PFCs (Teflon chemicals) from food products

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California could pave the way for the nation. But we’re up against a powerful and well-funded enemy — the chemical industry. Right now, the industry’s minions are calling California households, advertising in our newspapers, and lobbying our assembly members.


It’s up to us to stop them. They may have money, but we have numbers. Our assembly members need to hear from us today.

I just called my assembly member and asked them to vote YES on SB 1713 and SB 1313. You can, too.


BPA is linked to cancer and early puberty. Canada is moving rapidly to ban it, but there are no federal standards in the U.S. PFCs are linked to cancer, too.

If we don’t stand up to the chemical industry, no one will. Tell your assembly member to support safe baby bottles, sippy cups, canned food, and food packaging — and not to cave to industry pressure.

Time is running out — don’t wait to make your voice heard. Stand up for children’s safety today.


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