Is it worth paying extra money for organic milk? I buy everything and anything I can that is organic. My thinking is that I might as well give my children food that does not have pesticides, hormones or synthetic chemicals in them. I can’t shield them from everything so I might as well make choices when I grocery shop to shield them from what I can. Just because I choose to buy organic hot dogs without nitrates does not mean that at the next birthday party my little guy won’t have your traditional wiener full of nitrates!!!

That is my thinking but does it make sense or just drain my wallet? My husband barks every time he sees the small carton of organic milk with the high price on it and then my little darling wasting it because he doesn’t finish it at dinner. The actual health claims, according to Karen Collins, R.D., is not supported by research thus far and so there is no known advantage to organic milk.

So what does it mean to buy organic milk anyhow? It means that the cows aren’t raised with hormones (they get sick and they are treated with antibiotics) and that they eat food not treated by pesticides and they get to have time in a pasture eating grass. Nobody knows how long they spend in a pasture eating grass and until I started reading about this I couldn’t have cared less how long a cow spent grazing. Well, cows eating grass produce more of an acid that helps fight cancer and the big argument is that traditional milk cows eat more grass.

So what should us mommies do, green or not? Organic or not? Holey cow is right….I don’t know!! I’m going to still go with my gut and choose organic even if those cows don’t get as much grass eating time. I love how the milk lasts forever compared to the traditional milk!!! Maybe this will provoke you to do some more research or at least think about the milk you are choosing.

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