Today’s Tuesday Shout Out goes to the eco-friendly parents that thought up the concept Moolah Maker! What the heck is Moolah Maker and why would I consider this for a Tuesday Shout Out? First, because parenting is hard and there are many times that I get letters asking how parents with older children can get them involved in “going green”. Secondly, I think the idea is fun, logical, easy to implement and realistic!

Here’s the scoop: Parents and children create a free contract online agreeing to reduce the use of energy in their home. The contract teaches children about making a binding deal and defining goals. The financial saving that the parent receives from the reduction in the energy use the parent shares with the child. Everyone reaps the benefit: including Mother Nature! The service is free and all a parent needs to do is grab their utility bill and the Moolah Maker does the rest! Yes, they calculate, compare the data and do the number crunching – you just have to live up to your end of the contract and as a family turn off those lights, unplug the toaster and start reducing and saving!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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