Okay, I think I found my two new best friends…except they don’t know me yet, we haven’t met and I don’t know what they look like. Is that possible? I don’t know but I’m sure the heck going to find out. There names are Dori and Val and they have a podcast show (way far away from me) and it’s called, More Hip than Hippie™!!! Love it! Let me tell you how I know they are my two new best friends (even if they don’t know it). They write in the description of their show

“If you’re craving a granola chewing, off-grid podcast – you’re probably in the wrong place. Instead, we’ll show you how to be more sustainable and earth-friendly without sacrificing convenience, style, and affordability.
Hey! Nobody’s perfect. (Hell, we’re certainly not) But we’re here to show you how small steps in the right direction can make a big impact.”

Hello…that’s what Green and Clean Mom is all about! Being green can be sexy, sassy and fun and these girls (my BFF) make it just so. Well, I think I do too but they have a podcast I’m just learning about the podcast thing. Maybe I can call in and be a guest???? How cool would that be?I listened to my first podcast tonight and I thought I was “all that” on the tech front but with podcasts and this WordPress move I have a huge Amazon.com order coming! I was enjoying a glass of wine (sorry not organic) and folding laundry while listening to their radio show over the internet and I couldn’t stop laughing. They got to buy beer at 8:30 a.m. in the morning and eat chocolate and be at work and get paid, listen here. I want their job!! I guess I could do that and blog about it but it’s different with two children running around and probably not so responsible.
Do yourself a favor, go to their site and listen to their podcast. If you’re really techno, subscribe and download some free stuff and listen everyday. I’m planning on doing this. Just there opening tune on “being carnivores dammit and tofu sucks” makes me hit subscribe! They shave their legs, which makes me feel so much better and not less of a greenie. Just because I shower everyday and not once a week with rainwater doesn’t make me not green. I’m a shade of green and my shade counts too!!!! So tune in for some fun, great tips and advise. Oh, and ladies (BFF) my hubby has some green S-E-X questions we should maybe consider for a show!!! Wink! Wink! Contact me!

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